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Article: Ombre Effect Sunglasses


Ombre Effect Sunglasses

Transitioning from light to dark using an ombre effect was popular on the catwalk this fall and is expected to continue trending into 2015.
Pairing ombre type sunglasses with similarly designed garments and details can create stunning combinations and is fast becoming a hands-down favourite of fashion conscious females.
If you’re looking for some seasonal inspiration, check out our selection of ombre women sunglasses below…

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Sunglasses With Large Frames

Where large-to-huge plastic frames are concerned, there are some beautifully creative variations available this winter, ready to compliment various styles and combinations. It’s this versatility wh...

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Mirrored Sunglasses...

Colored, gold and silver effect mirrored lenses are back, and look set for something of a revival this 2015.I can't think of a more camera friendly style, so if you like your Selfies, a pair or thr...

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