2016 color trends

2016 color trends

So... Pantone have released the top 10 ‘Spring’ colors for men and women’s fashion, 2016. Think of it as a gentle guide for fashion concious creatives, who chose to get on board. It certainly isn’t for everybody, but it can be a bit of fun :)


PANTONE 13-1520 Rose Quartz
PANTONE 15-3919 Serenity
PANTONE 12-0752 Buttercup
PANTONE 16-3905 Lilac Gray
PANTONE 15-1040 Iced Coffee
PANTONE 16-1548 Peach Echo
PANTONE 19-4049 Snorkel Blue
PANTONE 13-4810 Limpet Shell
PANTONE 17-1564 Fiesta
PANTONE 15-0146 Green Flash

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